Busworld.com is an online marketplace that connects the consumer with Inventory provided by Bus and Limousine companies throughout the United States.


Busworld.com does not own any buses or Limousines. Busworld.com will provide you with a bus and limousine inventory list in your desired geographic location. Busworld cannot guarantee that we will match your service needs with the exact vehicle selected at the time of service; however, a comparable replacement vehicle may be offered in that vehicle’s place. 


Busworld will charge a deposit at the time of booking. This deposit varies by vehicle type and geographic location. This deposit is non-refundable except if Busworld cannot provide a comparable replacement vehicle if the vehicle chosen at the time of booking is unavailable.


Busworld will charge 50% of the remaining balance for the reservation 14 days from the day of the reservation. The final balance will be settled seven days before the reservation date. If either of these charges cannot be successfully processed, Busworld will notify the customer by email, phone, and SMS. If the customer does not reply to the attempts by Busworld to settle the balance due, the reservation will be canceled for nonpayment, and the customer’s deposit will be forfeited. The customer will be notified via email that their reservation has been canceled for nonpayment. The credit card presented at the time of booking is the same card Busworld will charge at the 14 and 7-day settlement dates. The email and phone number provided at the time of reservation are the methods Busworld will utilize in any attempt to contact the customer. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that Busworld has valid payment and contact information at the time of final settlement.


Any job that incurs overtime charges will be billed by the hour. These charges will be settled to the customer’s credit card on file in the days following the reservation. Any tolls incurred by the operator will be billed following the completion of the trip.


The following items are prohibited:

  • Glitter of any kind.

  • Aerosol party streamers, i.e., crazy streamers, silly streamers, etc.

  • The use of any illegal drugs.

  • Smoking of any kind.

  • Drinking by any passenger under the age of 21.

Violation of any of these terms can result in immediate termination of the trip and the forfeiture of any monies paid to procure the vehicle for the time period desired.


Passengers may not exceed the capacity that the vehicle is legally registered to hold. Passenger count is taken at the time of booking, and a vehicle with the legal seating capacity based on the number of passengers entered at the time of booking will be provided. Busworld cannot guarantee the comfort of passengers in vehicles that are booked at or near capacity. The insistence by the customer to illegally seat passengers can result in early termination of the trip and forfeiture of any monies paid to procure the vehicle for the desired time period.


Any excessive cleaning necessary after the passenger’s use related to but not limited to Vomit and other bodily fluids, spilled drinks, any phrohibited items as listed above in this document, or any other damage caused by improper use of the vehicle can be billed back to the customer for cleaning and or repair of the vehicle.


In a catastrophic event or "act of God" resulting in the declaration of a state of emergency, Busworld will refund all monies paid by the customer. In addition, the Initial deposit will be refunded as a credit toward any future booking, and any subsequent charges will be refunded to the credit card provided by the customer. Cancellations for any other reason within 14 days of the trip are non-refundable.


Should the customer dispute the quality of service received from the paired vendor, they must open an inquiry at Customerservice@busworld.com. The customer’s complaint will be investigated by Busworld management. If the issue is found to be valid, Busworld will attempt to obtain adequate compensation from the vendor on behalf of the customer. If any monetary compensation is recovered from the vendor by Busworld, that amount will be refunded to the customer minus any subsequent credit card fees paid by Busworld. However, if the client chooses to pursue further compensatory action, this action must be taken up directly with the service provider.